Top Christian Songs Derek Minor – All Hail the King

Derek Minor – All Hail the King

Derek Minor All Hail the King

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The renowned singer and rapper, who is better known by his stage name Derek Minor and former stage name PRo, an American Christian hip hop artist, record producer, entrepreneur, actor, and screenwriter comes through with a song which he calls “All Hail the King” featuring  and .

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Lyrics: All Hail the King by

[Intro – Derek Minor:]
All rise, all this, all mine
All day, all night, all space and all time
It’s the God who put you online
That’s all designs, memory corrupted
(You offline)

[Verse 1 – Derek Minor:]
Universities go and they plant planets and it outstanding
And it’s outlandish to be out actin’ like you out tracking’
You are not running anything, not even jogging
Not even trying, not even walking, he take your breathe away
There’s no inhaler to help with that asthma be cautious!
Created our bodies and painted colors, is that something you have considered?
Well in all of your figuring how did you figure you’re more than an action figure?
This the presence of greatness, bow to the Lord
Not the girl in New Zealand, now only one royal
You’ve met him before

Aye this that presidential, creme de la creme
That top shelf [?]
And you know it
All hail the King, all hail the King
All hail the King, ya, all hail the King [x2]

[Verse 2 – Deraj:]
Oh Lord…Good God…OMG
Who made them stars?
Outer space or Hollywood, which way you wanna go?
He made them both, yeah you should know
Who are you, to think he needs you to
Assist Him in the air, like this an alley oop?
Cause see we drop the ball, His love could pick up
His love could save all, hasn’t changed, you ain’t never seen Him
But seem to think you know what I mean
But what I meant to say, is there a day
And every way you look, cause everything He made
You couldn’t top that, with a top hat, on the top shelf with a ladder
That you climbed on, just to get there
He’s the most high, hands in the air


[Verse 3 – Nobigdyl:]
King of all, watching all his enemies fall
Omnipotence is infinite so witness it like kingdom hall
I bet you think you’re a god, not at all
You make it rain, He makes it fall, in galaxies that you never saw
And that’s royalty and that crown of thorns is worth more than gold
And that’s loyalty and He bought back when we sold our souls
And I’m mourning me cause the king ordered my death
So I put that royal sword in me and I mortified my flesh, turn up
Thank God for the murder, thank God for the purpose
Think I saw Shadrach and Meshach back in the furnace
Thank God we didn’t burn up
I would have failed, would have been lost in the spell
If my God had not of prevailed, but my king trill
Because He saved dyl, and also defeated all hell
All hail


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