Gospel Music South Africa Gospel Songs Deborah Lukalu – Kimbiliyo Langu

Deborah Lukalu – Kimbiliyo Langu

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One of South African’s most loved female gospel music ministers and powerful praise singers releases a new danceable song alongside its visuals, Deborah Lukalu titles this song “Kimbiliyo Langu“ featuring Minister Cédric Kaseba.

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Lyrics: Kimbiliyo Langu by Deborah Lukalu

We njo kimbiliyo langu
(You are my refuge)

Verse 1

Ni seme Aeee (How could I explain)

Maajabu ume fanya Aeee
(The wonders that you’ve done)

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inani pitiliya ehhh
(I’m amazed)

Omega Aeee
You started and you finished Aeee
Mina ku shukuru eh
(I thank you)

From day one God
You were present I could feel it
I can see , you’ve turned my life around
unanipigania eh (You fight my battles)

kila siku nime kwa nehema
(Everyday I live by your grace)

Eeh eh eh kwa nehema
(eh eh by your grace)

Kwalakini ni paka kwa nehema (Truly it’s been only by your grace)

I believe its my season
God you made a way
And my faith will sayyyy

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Wenjo kimbiliyo langu (You are my refuge)


Mufalme upewe sifa
(My king received the praise)

You deserve the glory and the honor papa oh

Every time I run to you
You deal my matter oh

Holy God I praise your your name pokeya sifa oh

You turned a mess into a miracle I praise you oh

Kama siyo wewe (if it wasn’t for you)

I dont know where I go be oh

Your love is incredible
Your promise unbreakable
Your grace immeasurable

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Ah kilasiku nime ishi kwa nehema
Eh eh eh eh kwa nehema

Kimbiliyo letu

Kwalakini ni paka kwa nehema

JESUS umeni jahaza na upendo lako (You feeled me with your love)

Kama siyo wewe baba wangu (if it wasn’t for you)

I don’t know where I go be oh (×2)

Wenjo kimbiliyo langu

Pokea sifa (Recieve the praise father)
Pokea sifa baba oh

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