Top Christian Songs Christine D’Clario – Warrior In The Fire (A Poem)

Christine D’Clario – Warrior In The Fire (A Poem)

Christine DClario Warrior In The Fire A Poem

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Here’s a poem by “Christine D’Clario,” the Brazillian prolific music artist and talented singer; she titles this one “Warrior In The Fire”. We’re confident you’ll be blessed.

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Lyrics: Warrior In The Fire (A Poem) by Christine D´Clario

It’s the dead of night and all I can hear
Is the crackling sound of my thoughts burning
Like ancient coals on the furnace of my mind
Not a path in sight, just a turning wheel
Of the muffled chatter that has me
Caught, running, treading in my soul
And I seek, hoping to find
Yet, I wrestle with someone, a worthy opponent indeed
Weighed, measured, and matched to perfection, with every ounce of my strength
Proven on the battlefield, she spots the scars of all the fights she’s won
Slowly, in the flickering light, of the flaming heat of my palms
I can see hеr silhouette and hear hеr sounding march
Oh, how I fought her in the dark, so many faceless blows
And now, I feel my trembling heart anticipate the rapidly coming vision of her face
“Who is this fearless warrior that just won’t let go?” I ask myself as
Step by step, she enters into the realm of my sight
Then, suddenly, like lumineers, I now can see the face that I’d feared for so long
As the rays of fire shine golden unto her emerging brow
I know somehow, I sensed familiar questions in my wake
The fierce opponent I’d called, she appeared in stunning glow
And as she smiled I began to know, what all this time I’d failed to see
The valiant warrior enemy, was no one else, but me

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