African Gospel Songs Christina Shusho – Muujiza

Christina Shusho – Muujiza

Christina Shusho Muujiza

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The renowned and Celebrated Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho whose songs has always motivated and blessed lives comes through with another powerful song titled “Muujiza“.

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Si kwa bahati mbaya uko hai leo (It is not by chance that you are alive today)
Na si kwamba wewe ni mjanja kuliko wale waliolala (It's not that you're cleverer than those who are asleep)
Ila yote ni muujiza wa Mungu tu (But all this, is the miracle of God)
Ni muujiza tu (It is only a miracle)

Nikilala niamke, nikiona natembea (When I sleep and then rise, when I see myself walking)
Mwenzenu, kwangu ni muujiza (Comrade, to me it is a miracle)
Asubuhi kunakucha, Jioni iikingia (When the morning dawns, and the evening arrives)
Maisha yangu, mimi ni muujiza tu (My life, I am just a miracle)

Siku ikipita, mwezi na mwaka unakwisha (The days passes, the month and the year end)
Mimi, hii kwangu ni muujiza tu (To me, all this is a miracle)
Ewe Yesu, Ee Yesu, Bwana wangu we (Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh my Lord)
Oh kwangu ni muujiza (All this is a miracle)

Mimi ni muujiza, maisha yangu ni muujiza (I am a miracle, my life is a miracle)
Ee Bwana, we kwangu ni muujiza (Oh Lord, You are my miracle)
Nikilala ni muujiza, nikiamka ni muujiza (When I sleep and when I rise, it is a miracle)
Ee Bwana, we kwangu ni muujiza (Oh Lord, to me You are my miracle)

Kuna waliolala, hawakuamka (There are those who fell asleep and never rose)
Ee Bwana naona ni muujiza (Oh Lord I see all as miracles)
Walioanza safari, hawakufika (Those who started the journey, and never arrived)
Mimi leo, najiona mi muujiza (Today, I see myself as a miracle)
Kuwa hai, kutangaza neno lako (To be alive, to spread Your Word)
Bwana kwangu, mimi ni muujiza (Lord to me, I am a miracle)
Sina sababu, ya kunyamaza (I do not have a reason to be silent)
Maana kwangu, wewe Bwana ni muujiza (For to me, You Lord are a miracle)


Oh yeah, Oh Yesu we… (Oh Jesus)


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