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CalledOut Music – No Better Day

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The song called “No Better Day” by the oversea based Nigerian songwriter & gospel singer “Samuel Nwachukwu”, who is popularly known as “Called Out Music“. It's a song that would be a blessing to your life.

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Lyrics: No Better Day by

I'm no longer bound by what I used to be
The memories got me hurting
I can't believe that I turned my back on You
I'm stronger now than I ever was
All because of Your Holy Spirit
Living inside of me

And when my heart's torn in two
And I'm Tryna live for You
Let that still small voice remind me of these words

There's no better way to really say “I love You”
Than to do what You say, everyday
There's no better day to start again
Than right here, right now
Cuz' I want to be a place where You feel right at home

Verse 2
I'm really Tryna tell You how I'm feeling
I'm really Tryna put it into words
Oh Lord You know what happens in my mind (yeah)
You know I'm Tryna make things work
So many tussles in my mind but I'm winning
I'm feeling weak but my spirit stay willing
It's all a part of my story though
I'm gonna lean on Your love I know


Chorus (x2)


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