Gospel Global Bizzle & God Over Money – GOM Menace

Bizzle & God Over Money – GOM Menace

Bizzle God Over Money GOM Menace

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The American prolific rapper and renowned rapper from “GOD OVER MONEY” records “Bizzle” releases a song titled “GOM Menace“ featuring .

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Lyrics: GOM Menace by Bizzle & God Over Money

[Intro: Bizzle]
Here we go again
You heard
I said, here we go again
With a new member
Of the team
But this one’s a GOM menance
Let’s go

[Verse 1: Monster Tarver]
Takin’ off, spaceship, I’m breakin’ off
Paid to talk, fakin’ arrangement
Like it ain’t safe to cough
Safe to find a way to escape
Dictatorship, break the vaults
Faked applause, pray for the paper troughs, to portray the boss
Whether pray to save you, who paid the cost, to save the lost
Gave it all, maybe you’ll take the call, when the savior call
Even if you came in the Maybach, you can stay back
Today’s rap, only the play back, but what made us fall
Take it all, maybe you’ll break the walls when the paper talk
Take the fall, maybe with label costs, you can break the fall
The game is soft, claimin’ they hate you based on the fake result
Make you think you lost, since we ain’t the slaves, with a major pulse (Monster)
The pain is all the same involve His name
When all the rain, will fall and change my name from Saul
I changed to Paul (Let’s go)
I came to call His name, and hall of fame and call His name, immortal
When all the pain don’t make it hard
I don’t sleep, I float in the air, wrapped in a sheet
I’m not a real person, I’m a ghost trapped in a beat
When translated and transformed to you
You can’t bear it
I’m light offending you, kindly genders, ‘cuz you transparent
You wouldn’t think a pro wrestler would take it this far (Huh)
Like you was runnin’ from the cops, in the chase of a car (Huh)
So if I give you a lift, if you try to pull up (Let’s go)
You’re whole team would need protein, when I’m raisin’ the bar (Whew)
I’m might right with the knife, so you might fight for your life
If you try twice for the night, for the right price for the fight
I’m like a mighty morphin’ power ranger
You’re now in danger, ‘cuz now a stranger
The hour came to devour lames (Let’s go)
This metaphor, [?] kindness, perfected rhymes
That can testify, with the message timeless
That rest are blinded (Let’s go)
And what you see, you believe
You don’t need to believe, a bohemian beat
That you meaning to bring, that don’t leave anything
When I’m sinking my teeth, and you [?] in defeat
Anything you repeat, my team with the
You be easy to beat (Uh-huh)
Apocalyptic of dark side to a bar fly
With sparks fly, it’s only a car drive to Apartheid
Bizzle told me, “Go ‘head and switch the style up, and if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the blessings pile up” (Pile)
I push these bars to the max, like I was bench pressing
Men-stressing, over the monster that G.O.M. blessing

[Outro: Monster Tarver]

Menace Movement
Half man, half monster

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