Top Christian Songs Benjamin Hastings – The Jesus I Know

Benjamin Hastings – The Jesus I Know

Benjamin Hastings The Jesus I Know

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The musician, songwriter, and song leader in the popular Australian church Hillsong Church, performs this beatiful song he titles “The I Know

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Lyrics: The I Know by 

Do you ever feel misunderstood
When You look at what this thing’s become
How does something that sides with the least
Be the thing that excludes them the most
And I’m not trying to put words in Your mouth
Cause I fear that’s where we got it wrong
But sometimes the I see
Seems so far from the I know
And just like these people I blame
Have I made You something You’re not?
Cause I live off the good of Your name
And in some ways I profit the cross
And I’m scared if You walked in this church
You might flip all the tables and go
So would that same love all my merch
Or is that just the I know?
And I’ve tried with the best of my words
To be true to who You really are
But I wonder how far I fell short
Do you recognize Yourself in my songs
Cause all that I want is the truth
And I hope my theology’s close
But who could summarize Infiniteness
To think I ‘know’ only proves that I don’t
A mystery I’ll never quite get
That’s the Jesus I know

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