Motivation and Inspiration Ayisi – Can I Live

Ayisi – Can I Live

AYISI - Can I Live

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Emmanuel Kwadwo Oware, better known by his stage name Ayisi who is a Ghanaian Afro Pop, Hip Hop and Hip-Life artiste, presents to us a compelling song, as this masterpiece is titled “Can I Live“. This track, released in 2024 , is a captivating and inspirational addition to any music enthusiast’s collection. The tune “Can I Live” carries a powerful message and a mesmerising melody, making it a must-listen for all. Feel free to stream the mp3, watch the video, and sing along to the heartfelt lyrics.

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Song Lyrics: Can I Live by Ayisi

Sɛ nea ɛteɛ biaa, amma live my life
I said I can’t stop for nothing I can’t lie
It’s bigger than me, larger than life
It’s necessary that I keep it burning
Ɛyɛ wɔn ya enti deɛn
Lol bitch come kiss the ring
Misfit and the list begins, can I live?

I’m in ma own lane so natural say no size
I should need no applause for this
And the attention I don’t like
You see, I’m a simple man that fit’s the plan
I’m just saying
Could give a fuck if they love me or hate me
Still represent proudly and greatly
To be a god in the midst of men
Nyame nipa can I live?

Ɛnhwɛ obi asa enfa sa w’asa o
Na ɛsono wo fiе kwan ɔman
Wonnim a bisa, nea nnipa bɛka
Nso daa y’asi dwam kwame ahe nso mеnni ahe
Ɛnkran baabi, wonya ya bɛhwɛ ɛno mpo no
Skin pain, nso daa y’asi dwamu

A-connect niggas i love y’all
And all the niggas that I fell out with
It’s still love
Me no m’asɛm yɛ den, me kyerɛ me ho kakra
Menya akyerɛ mo sɛ me yɛ ohiani a
Me hwene mu bɔn me well well
Ɛba wo mu a fa wo phone n’atwa me
Me pɛ a me picki, me pɛ a me npicki
It’s all love man
I’m so i’m so proud and happy to be African
And I’m so happy to be alive

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