Gospel Global Awakening Worship – Witnesses

Awakening Worship – Witnesses

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The renowned Global Christian music team of praisers and worshippers whose songs have blessed lives “” birth out a song of praise worship which they title “Witnesses“.

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Lyrics: Witnesses by Awakening Worship

We’ve seen the Spirit move
Heard the mighty roar
The heavens opened up
upon the throne
So here we stand in awe
A witness to His works
He’s set the captive free
And broken every curse

We’ve seen His glory
Falling upon the earth
Here comes His mercy
the word

We are all witnesses
God has fulfilled every word
He’s kept all his promises
has broken every curse

So we’ll keep watching, and He’ll keep working
We’ll keep worshiping, He’ll keep releasing
We’ll keep hoping and He’ll keep healing
We’ll keep repenting, He’ll keep redeeming

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