African Gospel Songs Angel Benard – Siteketei (Mp3 & Lyrics)

Angel Benard – Siteketei (Mp3 & Lyrics)

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The renowned African (Tanzanian) Christian music minister, praiser, and worship leader whose songs have blessed lives “” birth out a song of praise worship which she titles “Siteketei“.

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Mi siteketei, siangamii (I do not burn, I do not fall)
Sigharikishwi, upo nami (I am not swept away,  for You are with me)

Hupimwi kwa siku, Hupimwi kwa miaka (You are not measured by days or years)
Unatafsiri majira, Huzuiwi na muda (You define seasons, You are not bound by time )
Umejawa na nguvu, Ndio maana nakuita Baba (You are filled with power, I call You Father)
Moyoni mwangu, najawa sifa (My heart is filled with praise)
Na ujasiri katika wewe (For my courage is in You)
Hakuna mlima wa kuniangusha (No mountain can cause me to fail)
Ndani yako ninasimama (For I stand in You)


Nimezungukwa na we kila pande (I have been surrounded on all sides)
Hakuna jambo la kuniangamiza (There is nothing that will cause me to fail)
Majeshi, yalo upande wangu (Your armies, that are on my side)
Ni mengi sana kulika hawa wa dunia (Are more than those in the world)
Hatua zangu zaongozwa nawe (My steps are ordered by You)
Siangamii, siteketei (I do not fall, I do not burn)
Katika wewe, ninasimama (For I stand in You)
Siteketei, na ninadumu (I do not burn, I stand firm)


Kwako Bwana nasimama (I stand in You, Lord)
Ndiwe mwamba ni salama (You are the Solid Rock)
Kwako Bwana nasimama (I stand in You, Lord)
For they that believe in You
We shall stand firm, forever


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