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Andora – You Are


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Here’s a song by the Nigerian Christian music minister and fast-rising praise worship leader “Moyin Omidiji” whose song has been a blessing to live. The song is titled “You Are“.

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You Are” by Andora is a heartfelt and uplifting song that celebrates the unwavering presence of God during life’s most challenging moments. The lyrics convey a deep sense of gratitude and assurance, emphasizing how God’s steadfast love and support remain constant through every storm and hardship. The song resonates with listeners through its powerful message of faith and hope, reminding them that they are never alone, no matter the difficulties they face. Andora’s soulful delivery and inspiring melody further enhance the emotional depth and spiritual comfort offered by this moving piece.

Lyrics: You Are by Moyin Omidiji

You are

you are you are you are the one
the one that’s always there for me
you have never forsaken me Jesus x2

worship the Lord in the beauty off
his holiness,. his holiness
I will bow down before him for his glory proclaim
his the Lord of all and the king of Kings
I will bring and adore him for I am is his name
I will lay at his feet, my sorrows and problems
and high on his heart he will bear it for us
he will comfort our souls and answer our prayer.

I’m thankful oh Lord
I’m grateful oh Lord
for there is Lord and there will be no one
like you x2

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