Gospel Music Foreign & International Gospel Songs Aha Gazelle & Starringo – Soul Ties Interlude

Aha Gazelle & Starringo – Soul Ties Interlude

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The American Contemporary Rap and Pop musicians, who have won numerous awards “Aha Gazelle & Starringo” comes through with a song that speaks a great message from their 2020 album. This song is titled “Soul Ties Interlude“.

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Lyrics: Soul Ties Interlude by Aha Gazelle & Starringo

[Intro: Starringo]
Yo, yo, yea, ay, Ringo
It’s Aha

[Verse 1: Starringo]
If I open my mouth then it gotta be real, I can’t entertain with the fakeness
Wanna be the greatest but I still can admit sometimes my thinkin’ be basic
Feelin’ like there’s more love in the hood for me
I’m missin’ things that weren’t good for me
I had to meditate I told God come do it Himself if He could for me
Decisions been gettin’ harder by the day
I fell in love with being out of space
Been sorry that I made a couple bad mistakes
Losing people that I cannot replace
Removin’ the demons but it ain’t that easy
Cuz I can admit that I like when they please me
I beg ’em to leave me, how stupid is that?
So I kick them out the front and open the back
God the jury is on me
The devil he want me
We communicated and got a lil cooler
We had conversations ’bout how he ain’t hate me
And I made it clear that he wasn’t my ruler
I offered a bong, some wine
We laughed a couple of times
My times that I fell
I told him, “Farewell, I prolly won’t see you again”
He replied, “See you in hell”
I grinned, “I already been”
I feel like I’m on a action movie by the way that I’m fightin’ off all of my sin
I’m from the city where all of the people they smokin on strong and drinkin’ on gin
I don’t feel like everybody need to hear the word sometimes they need ’em a friend
I don’t feel like that they love you if they only give you your flowers when it all end
Give me, give me, give me, your soul
Give me, give me, give me, your soul

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