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Aha Gazelle & Starringo – No Limit

Aha Gazelle & Starringo No Limit

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The American Contemporary Rap and Pop musicians, who have won numerous awards “Aha Gazelle & Starringo” comes through with a song that speaks a great message from their 2020 album. This song is titled “NO LIMIT“.

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Lyrics: No Limit by Aha Gazelle & Starringo

[Verse 1: Aha Gazelle]
I told ’em get back don’t touch me I got it
Deep in the woods I’m ducked off in a cottage
I’d rather keep it in house like it’s grounded
I’m lettin’ loose if I’m ever surrounded
I sacrifice just to show that I’m silent
If God in control then why He allow it?
Pressure make diamonds you know how we rockin’
Character’s how you act when it’s chaotic
I know the difference from molehills and mountains
You counted me out ’cause you not good at countin’
Don’t handle the money ’cause you bad with numbers
You not good with math so your grades steady fallin’
I don’t want trouble but ready to rumble
My brothers come running whenever I call ’em
Thought I was finished but I’m too resilient
To keep it a trillion, I’m just getting started
I just keep on rollin’, I just keep on rollin’
I keep getting better, I keep getting stronger
Arms getting swoler from gym every morning
At first y’all didn’t see it but I kept on going
God told me sit back and know what they posting
Just look at they fruit ’cause that’s how you know ’em
Most of you dead to me ’cause you ain’t growin’
I hop on the beat and start running like Noah
I manifest while I beat on my chest
I’m a soldier, a soldier, a soldier, a soldier (It’s Aha)
I’m a soldier, left a message on read like October
I’m the grandson of Isaiah Moses
God pulled me to the side and said don’t tell them lies
You can’t be like them ’cause you were chosen
From the swamp like ooh, that’s a nice boulder
I’m a hot boy but somehow I’m colder
Your words don’t mean nothing it’s only three dots like it’s loading

[Verse 2: Starringo]
Ringo, this ain’t entertainment
They don’t care if you rap or you famous
Automatic the shot when I aim it
You can’t see the picture get Tony to paint it
In the trenches, I’m stepping it’s dangerous
Lot of people not what they be claiming
Lot of birds in the trap and they sanging
I seen come clean up the block like it’s maintenance
Sanitizing the scene and them boys in all white like they got it
I told ’em get back, don’t touch me I’m ’bout it
I keep it on me but don’t promote violence
He try to take something nah he sold out his body
Ask who the realest we who they acknowledge
Verse is grade A but I didn’t go to college
They say the weakest is always the loudest
I’m flexing my muscle whenever I’m quiet
They might start a riot, you losing like dice
I’m winning, beginning, I’m just getting to it
Never mistake it, they said I could make it
By the time I was ten I had already knew it
Had conversations with dub in the basement
That meaning the bottom like Nike just do it
I just keep on rolling, I just keep on rolling
I keep getting better, I keep getting stronger
Keep going longer, we swervin’ Daytona’s
We got it forever, just not for a moment
Keep having visions, you and bad decisions
But you cannot quit it, how bad do you want it?
Chain on my neck and my wrist and they like when it glisten
I work hard for this so I flaunt it
No leasing I own it, I told you I’m on it
A soldier, a soldier, I told ya I told ’em

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