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Afterthought (by Nali Wells) – WorshipMob

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Here’s a song that was written and performed by live Nali Wells, Claudia Martinez, Ben Wamberg, Glorianna Barnes, Nick Smith, Aaron, and all called “WorshipMob“. This song is titled “Afterthought (by Nali Wells)” as it was released alongside its video. You’ll be blessed.

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Lyrics: Afterthought (by Nali Wells) by WorshipMob

You were such an afterthough to me
Yet You chose to give me everything
In the dirt I’m looking so messy
Yet you listen to the songs I sing

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I wonder
am I worth such indescribable love
I wonder
how could I earn so gentle of a touch from You

Why did you love me?
How could you love me so well?

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You were such an afterthough to me
Yet You blanket me in glory
In the dirt I’m feeling so messy
Your response is singing over me

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