Universal Gospel Abby O. – Ɔtease (He is Alive)

Abby O. – Ɔtease (He is Alive)

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The renowned and brilliant gospel artist , comes through with a song called “Ɔtease (He is Alive)“, and was released in 2024. This amazing and inspiring track is a must listen for any music lover. With its message and captivating melody, “Ɔtease (He is Alive)” is an addition to any playlist. Whether you want to download the mp3 watch the video or sing along with the lyrics, “Ɔtease (He is Alive)” is undeniably a song that will deeply touch the hearts of everyone who encounters it.

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Barima ahoɔfɛw fo baa asaase yi so
(The fairest of men came down to earth)
Ɔbaa yɛ bɛ gye yɛn nkwa
(He came to bring us salvation)
W'anhwɛ yɛn mfoso ne yɛn anndi
(He didn't deal with us according to our sins)
Ɔdɔ bɛn ni o
(What manner of love is this)

Wɔ kum Yesu Kristo
(They crucified Jesus Christ)
Wɔ guu N'anim ase me bɔne nti
(And disgraced Him because of my transgressions)
Ɛnɛ W'asɔre de nkwagye abrɛ me
(Today, He is risen and has brought us salvation)
Na w'ahyɛ, w'ahyɛ n'abɔso Hene
(And He's been crowned Lord of all)

Ɔtease ma me
(He's alive for me)
Wɔ kum no wɔ Calvary ma me
(He was crucified in Calvary for me)
W'ahyɛ no abɔso Hene
(He's been crowned Lord of all)
(Ɛnɛ da yi… Presently…)
Ɔtease ma me
(He's alive for me)

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