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Tag: Alice Kimanzi

Alice Kimanzi is a Kenyan gospel singer and songwriter who has been baptized by the Holy Spirit. She is also a fashion designer, a dancer, and a jewelry designer. She is 34 years old, the last of five children in a family of five. She began creating and writing her own songs when she was seven years old. She mostly performs Praise and Worship music. Her music has the ability to uplift your spirits and bring you closer to God. She is a terrifying and lovely lady of God, and when she sings praises, you feel blessed and the Holy Spirit’s presence without difficulty This is due to the fact that her melodies are emotional, touching, and calming. She is well-known in the gospel sector for singing numerous popular Kiswahili songs.

Dancing, thinking, jogging, and reading are some of her favorite pastimes while she gathers inspiration for her songs and composes new ones. Alice trusts God to take her to the next level of her life, to help her become larger and better in her profession. Because she represents the Kingdom of God, she is a responsible woman who lives by God’s grace. She’s also uploaded a few videos and says she’ll continue to improve in her music career with the aid of God. She prefers a solitary existence. Nimfahamu Yesu, Upendo, Tayari, Sambaza, Upendo ule ule, and others are some of the songs she has performed

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