Sermon and Messages Living A Sacrificial Life

Living A Sacrificial Life

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Sacrifices are required to demonstrate true love. Sacrifices are an act of spiritual worship in Christianity, and the purpose of living a sacrifice should be to honor God by carrying out His plan. It entails a mental shift and a willingness to give up comfort.

A sacrificial life is one that God expects us to live. He demonstrated this through Christ’s sacrifice of all of himself for us, demonstrating how demanding sacrifice can be and demonstrating that you aren’t fulfilling a purpose until you sacrifice.

Sacrifice isn’t something that comes naturally; it’s linked to love, and you can only sacrifice for someone you care about, right? What is love if it isn’t accompanied by sacrifice? When you can’t give up some things for the sake of others, what do you call it?

Taking a human connection as an example, if you have a husband or wife and you can’t spend quality time together, spend money together, listen to each other, obey each other, and make each other happy, isn’t there a problem?

We saw how the Lord gave us His only begotten son and how Jesus sacrificed His life for us when we returned to the Christian world. Why can’t we, His disciples, offer our lives back to Him/sacrifice our lives for God and His glory if our Master can do such a magnificent thing for us?

The only way we can repay God’s love is to accept the salvation he has provided for us and to fully surrender our lives to him. You can’t claim to love God unless you’ve offered yourself as a sacrifice to Him and are living to please Him.

Many Christians believe that accepting Jesus requires simply confession; nevertheless, this is not the case; you must also sacrifice your pleasure in order to follow His purpose. Spend meaningful time with God, allowing Him to speak to you and lead you as your Father would, being obedient to His commands and giving away for His glory.
I’m delighted to inform you that if you can’t give up your entire life for God to take charge, you aren’t yet qualified to be His disciple

There are some things that we need to sacrifice:

  • Personal
  • Time
  • Knowledge
  • Sleep
  • Sanity
  • Excuses
  • Desires
  • Body
  • Money
  • Health, and so forth.

The advantages of leading a sacrificial life:

  • As a result, you become an heir to God’s kingdom.
  • You have a right to receive heavenly blessings.
  • You have been given authority and power,
  • As well as a heart overflowing with the joy of the Lord
  • Eternal friendship with Christ.

As Christians, it’s time to reconsider and dedicate our lives to Him, living in the way He desires. Allow Him to take control of your life because you’ve surrendered your life to Him by confessing Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. Allow His love for us to not go to waste. You don’t keep them all to yourself; instead, you give them away freely and feel fulfilled…

Are you willing to give up something today? Are you willing to do His will and submit to Him completely? I pray that the Lord help you as you make that decision.

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