God’s Servants And Handmaidens – Kenneth Copeland (14th, May 2020)

(Kenneth Copeland Devotional for May 14th, 2020) – God’s Servants And Handmaidens

READING: Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high. – Luke 24:49

On the Day of Pentecost, about 120 of God’s
servants and handmaidens were gathered in the
upper room continuing in one accord in prayer and
supplication (Acts 1:13-15). They were in place,
ready to move into the streets as soon as God’s
Spirit was poured out upon them. They were doing
exactly what Jesus told them to do.

The shameful part of it was, only about a fourth of
those who had been instructed to be there were
present. Jesus had appeared to more than 500 of
them and told them all the same thing…to tarry until
they were endued with power.

Apparently 380 of them decided to stay home!
What’s the difference between the 380 who didn’t
follow Jesus’ instructions and the 120 who did?
Those in the first group were merely Christians.
Those in the second group were God’s servants and
The Word translated “servants and handmaidens” in
Acts 2:18 is the Greek word doulos. It is the same
word used twice, once in the feminine form and
once in the masculine form.

In this particular instance, doulos refers to someone
who has voluntarily subjected himself to another
person’s will. It describes a bondslave who could
be free if he wanted to be, but chooses instead to be
wholly subservient to another because of his love for
that person.
If you are a servant or handmaiden, you will be
committed to the Lord Jesus. It is not a
commitment He forces upon you. It is one you make
by choice, because you love Him.

You see, when you were born again, you did not
become a hired servant of God. You became a child
of God, a son or daughter of the Almighty. You were
made free and “if the Son therefore shall make you
free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).
But if you truly love the One who set you free, you will
trade that freedom for a life of service to Him. That’s
what the Apostle Paul did. In Romans 1:1
(The Amplified Bible), he calls himself “a bond
servant of Jesus Christ.”
Choose today to be a bondslave…one who longs to
stay close to the Master’s side…serving Him
wholeheartedly from a heart of love and devotion.
Choose to be one of God’s servants and

I am not enslaved by sin. I am free to be a servant
of Jesus Christ. I choose His will above my own.
John 8:34-36

Luke 10:38-42

2 Samuel 14-15
2 Corinthians 6

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