Gospel Music Anthony Brown & group therAPy – Real Ft. Jonathan McReynolds

Anthony Brown & group therAPy – Real Ft. Jonathan McReynolds

Gospel legend “Anthony Brown” and the churns out this new and amazing song titled “REAL” as they collaborate with the award-winning gospel minister “Jonathan McReynolds“.

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I'm so grateful my parents put that down on the inside of me
Whenever I fly around this world, without fail
I text my parents and tell them I'm wherever I'm going
And let them know and my mother without fail every single time
I don't know why, she'll text me back when I get, when you get in the air
Light a hymn. I don't know why, til I got in the air
And something about being up in them clouds
Will make you see life a little bit different

So I took one of those hymns momma
One of them hymns and I did a new song to it
But I wanted to do the old song first
If ya'll would know where we were coming from
Justin could we just do a little bit of this song

Real, real, Jesus, You real to me
Whoever betray
Oh yes, He gives me the victory
So many people doubt Him
I can't live without Him
That is why I love Him so
He's so real to
He's so real to me
Oh yes Lord
He's so real to me

These the old songs of the church
Ya'll don't know these
I took that same song and just turned it up to twenty nineteen
Everybody say turn it up
And I couldn't think of nobody better to help me turn it up than my brother
I want ya'll to help me celebrate him as he comes on this stage
Johnathan McReynolds

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