Sermon and Messages Amazing Love – A Sweet Experience

Amazing Love – A Sweet Experience

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Mrs. Victoria, David’s mother, is seen on her bed, deep in thought. She is fed up with her son’s constant misbehavior. God! What is going on with me? What do I do with a child who I raised in the way of God but who has chosen the path of destruction? Mrs. Victoria mourned, “I suppose I need to deepen my prayer; I can’t let the devil have this boy.” Hey, mum, how are you doing? David!!! When are you going to change your attitude? With anguish in her heart, Mrs. Victoria pleaded, “When will you stop bringing shame to me, when will you allow God’s glory to shine in your life?”

Mum, forget about your sermon this time; I’ve chosen the right route and here I am; there’s no turning back, David remarked firmly as he walked out on his mother and into his room. Despite her sadness, Mrs. Victoria knelt and prayed sincerely for David.

David unexpectedly departed the house the next morning. His mother hunted for him everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found. Despite this, she remained hopeful that they might meet one day. I’m dying, Mum! Please help me! David yelled into the room.

Where have you been for the past few months, David? Why do you look so scruffy and stink so bad? Mrs. Victoria inquired, her eyes welling up with tears.

I’m sorry, Mum…., David sobbed uncontrollably and hugged his mother tightly. They both cried as the mother returned the hug. It was a lovely reunion. Mrs. Victoria broke the stillness by saying, “David, go inside your room and refresh up.”

David had freshened up and appeared to be in a better mood. He stayed in the room because he was too embarrassed to face his mum. In his room, his mother approached him with a platter of his favorite dish, when David saw this, he burst into tears.

Mother, you won’t believe it, but I haven’t had a good meal since I left this house. The day after I left, the police raided the place where my friends and I squatted, and we were all taken to the police station. I was detained by the authorities for two weeks until God intervened and declared me innocent. After that, I was traveling the streets, struggling to find food even once a day, I struggled, did menial jobs, but had nothing to show for it. He yelled out, “Mum, I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

It’s alright; I have nothing against you; I was simply attempting to guide you along the correct path, which you appear to be unaware of, his mother explained.

Is it possible for God to forgive me, Mum? David enquired.

Of course, He has been anticipating your coming with bated breath. His mother said, “He has always been looking for ways to bring you back to Himself,” and then left the room. “Run back to Him now, confess your sins, ask for forgiveness, and repent,” she said.

David prayed to God and felt restored deep within his soul.


Stop justifying your sin as being unforgivable because you believe it is too great. Stop feeling bad about yourself and forgive yourself; what you’ve witnessed hasn’t made God detest you. The devil instills shame in you because he wants you to completely overlook it.

We have a father who loves us infinitely and unconditionally. His affection for you is unaffected by circumstances. True, you’ve sinned; return to His arms.

1 John 3:1 says  Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God….. You are his heir, nothing in this world can separate you from His love.

Don’t doubt His love, focus on Him. Run back to Him today.

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